Sunday, January 3, 2016

White Beauties

Anyone who handles polymer clay knows the difficulties in working with white clay. As challenging as it can be, the results are always beautiful and worthy of all the hand cleansing that has to be done before and while handling clay. Jewelry in white is always elegant and beautiful. Here's my take on whites!
The daisies were made using Premo white and yellow, and strung with seed beads and glass pearls. I couldn't stop with just the daisies and a bunch of earrings in white followed :)

Four tips to follow while working with white clay:

1.Wash your hands thoroughly before you start working.
2. Keep the pasta machine free of residual colored clay.
3. Use wet wipes to clean your hands as you work, to keep dust away.
4. If you still see some speckles, defects in your work and it turned out beautiful except for that small spot of dust or clay in a different color, then just cover all the white areas with white mica powder and you have a spotless piece of art on your table.

The last point is for beginners :)

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