Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sea sculpture

This pendant was made at the Jana Roberts Benzon work shop organized by Tapuz, the polymer clay artsists forum of Israel. The technique is called oil slick gradient . The sea sculptures with the organic shapes and pearls, using this technique, i can visualize endless possiblities. Can't wait to try more of it.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

cane and combinations

This cane was the last of the Kaleidoscope canes that I made. The cane turned out very vibrant in shades of pink, combined with white and  bright violet. Made different types of jewelry with the same cane and what you see below is the range of shapes and styles that I came up with for this cane.

This set was made using leaf shaped fondant cutters. Just added simple bails and hooks to it.

The pillow beads were made from the same cane ,  at  different stages of reduction, made a matching clay coil bail and strung on a silver chain.

This set a bit more elaborate with some metal and glass beads in matching colors. The focal beads are just slices of the cane, hanging from the corner.

These are the folded hearts made out of the square slices. These are extremely light as they are hollow. Strung on black suede cord.
This set has a very ethnic touch to it with the shape of the beads, again folded versions of the cane slices, and the metal findings and the glass pearls and beads.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Back to basics

What do I call this?....Pink Palette!

Made a range of these simple canes all in shades of pink. Sliced the canes and made some beads, yet to be cured and strung. What a fulfilling day!