Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Shifting toward MICA

Mica shift ..has been on my mind for a really long time. Tried some last week and it was a great experience. starting from Premo gold, went onto premo green, diluted it to a turquoise , mixed both the colors to an olive green .

This pendant is the first piece that I made..from premo gold using my favorite Barbara McGuire stamp. Shaved the surface after stamping, rolled gently using a brayer and then cut out the pendant. No sanding or buffing..just a coat of future and voila...I am happy with the result.
These puffy hearts were made using sculpeyIII metallic blue, stamped with sculpy swirly texture sheet. The shift turned out well but the clay was way too soft for the technique. Had a difficult time putting the pieses together without damaging the pattern.
This one is my favorite. combination of  Fimo pearl clayand a very intricate stamp pattern. The stamp is not very deep and so there was not much to shave away. The intricacy of the pattren demanded careful removal of the raised portions in tiny bits and the final product seems to be worth the effort. Sanded, buffed and glazed to acheive the best result possible.
This multicolor mica shift turned out much better than I expected. made this using small bits of left over clay. Found some matching glass beads lying around and strung into a full fledged necklace. Working on more mica shift..different colors and patterns..more pictures in the out!


  1. They look great! I still haven't mastered this technique but i am inspired to try again looking at these.