Saturday, May 22, 2010

Black, bold and beautiful!

In a frenzy to create some bright and bold summery jewelry I picked some of my favorite canes and a block of fimo black clay and played one afternoon..and the result is what you see here. I have always wanted to list some low priced quality pieces of art in my etsy shop and I think now I have what I wanted. Hand sanded, machine buffed and coated with a layer of glaze and they all have a glass like sheen. All these pretty pieces of wearable art will be soon on my etsy shop for just 6$ a piece. So please go ahead and check out my etsy shop if you like them. Here is a link to my shop
My etsy

This one is my favorite, I love the flowers and the flutterbys.

Love the color combination in this one..

My favorite rose with the pink and yellow tiny flower triplets

The bright turquoise lil flowers in this one compliments the subtle lilac focal flower..

A very whispery combination of flowers here..

Bright sparkly red rose surrounded by li'l yellow  flowers..
A beautiful purple rose and floating yellow and purple flowers!
Now comes the brightest of all.. Love the colors on this one ..and all these are backgroundless canes!


  1. I checked your Etsy store listed on your side bar and couldn't find the hearts. Could you perhaps link your Etsy site on your post today?

  2. Thanks for the response, i have added a link and listing the items on etsy right away!

  3. They look great, the black makes the flowers seem even more bright

  4. Wow. These are fantastic. Makes me want to give up ....almost...

  5. Thanks Fiona..but NO.....don't ever give up, cos I felt this way too when I just started :)

  6. These are all really beautiful - it's amazing how you can transform rectangular blocks of clay into such fantastic pieces.

  7. Thank you Claire... Yeah..what a wonderful thing polymer clay is!