Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Layering effects

I have been trying various layering effects with different types of canes. These are pieces of jewelry that I made using a striped background on which flower, leaf and butterfly canes were layered.

The black and white striped base cane offered the right kind of contrast for the burgundy roses and transparent leaves, maintaining a very delicate balance with the tiny lilac flowers.

 The base cane in this piece was created out of a skinner blend using Fimo turquoise and emerald green.  Liked the combination so much that  I decided to use only transparent flowers so that there are no other
colors that interfere with the base combination.

Next came the green base, a skinner blend striped cane using white, avocado green and sap green for the stripes. The base looked more or less like a lawn and decided to make it bright and colorful. Added some slices of brightly colored flower canes and this turned out to be a really nice.

Created another set with the same base cane but with a different set of flower canes, this time with bright yellow and transparent , with a leaf here and a leaf there. The leaf shaped pendant and earrings added dimension to the green skinner blend base and guess what!....It is already sold.

Well, this one is my favorite, with the blue green and white striped base, a few teal flowers, white flowers and the gorgeous blue butterfly emerging from the garden.
I did make a square pendant and earring set with just a butterfly on blue green stripes too and that one is all sold, but here is the picture.

Most of these pieces are listed on my etsy shop,  please go ahead and take a look.


  1. I think you're my prefered clay artist ! I love more and more all what you do !

  2. Thank you so much Nicole! So encouraging!