Thursday, August 6, 2009

Today's experiment (Gerald the giraffe)

Trying more combinations with sculpting and canes. This cute little giraffe is the latest. The entire piece with the background is about 3 inches in length. Can I call this a 'mini' wall piece? The giraffe again has a touch of CF. Time to think of a name for him. Any suggestions?
29 Aug '09
Thanks to Dorothy who came up with the name Gerald for this baby giraffe. Suits him so well..


  1. Amazing !! I'm always waiting for the next one... each time I discover a new creation from you is hapiness !

  2. Yessss! she's (of him?) so nice! congratulations!As Nicole says : amazing! sorry , but my english is so poor... in French,I would say : Wouawwwww! qu'elle est belle! vraiment l'esprit de C.F tu l'as réussie avec beaucoup de réalisme! je continue ma petite balade sur ton blog pour découvrir tes autres créas! encore Bravo, et à bientot!

  3. Nicole and redfairy-creation, thank you so much