Thursday, August 27, 2009

Butterfly wing cane tutorial

Many were curious about how I made these butterfly wings
Here is the tutorial ( in a different color scheme for obvious reasons). I have outlined just the basic cane. Add bull's eyes to the periphery if you like your butterfly that way. Let your imagination and creativity run wild.

Leave a comment if you like this tutorial. Visit again if you would like to see the completed butterfly cane. Happy butterflying!


  1. This is a terrific tutorial-thanks for posting it! I never thought I do anything like this but now I want to try it!

  2. I just wanted to add that you make beautiful things and you are also a great teacher!

  3. Thanks Pamela,I am glad you like it and want to try . The idea of this tutorial is to make it possible for people to try canes that look complicated, though actually not. Happy to be able to share!

  4. these are awesome thanks for sharing

  5. Hi Malsart. I have listed your tutorial on Voila! You might want to check it and give me more information to put next to the Butterfly image.

    This will send you a lot of visitors!

    (You are welcome to join - it's free)

    Christine Dumont
    Creator of Voila! (

  6. Great slide show !!

    Yonat Dascalu

  7. thisis a great slide show. Thanks for sharing I am going to try this soon.

  8. Merci beaucoup pour ce magnifique tuto ! votre travail est superbe et j'admire vos créations!

  9. Your tutorial is an awesome inspiration! Many thanks for sharing. I would like to feature your designs at

    Contact me here if you have a concern.