Friday, June 4, 2010

Rainbowy pendants

I am back with some pendants and stuff from the clay sheet and the rainbow zebra cane. I am happy with the outcome though these are not typically the kind of things that I make. But that was the whole idea of picking up a new theme for each fortnight. The rainbow theme is still on cos I have a lot many ideas and want to give them all a try...For now here are the pictures!

This is just a slice from the rainbow zebra cane, cut out using a heart cookie cutter, baked, and coated with a layer of glaze. i love the glass like sheen on the pendant.

This pendant has a portion of the colorful clay sheet pressed into the oval frame, baked, removed from the frame and glued on. Applied a coat of glue on this too!

Another cut out from the clay sheet using the heart cookie cutter, with flowers in all colors of the rainbow.

Finally, the favorite in all glory with a colorful flowerful shell.


  1. Lovely, lovely, lovely and lovely. You inspire me.

  2. Thanks Fiona, so glad to know that i can inspire someone!

  3. Beautiful work! It is always nice to see someone put in some effort making sure the finish is lovely on their pieces. Really makes a big difference. Love the rainbow zebra cane. Awesome!