Thursday, February 11, 2016

Rainbow mania

After making all the colorful canes, if I didn't make some rainbow theme jewelry, it would be total injustice to the canes. So, here are the rainbow jewelry!

After the millefiore jewelry, it was time for some rainbow roses!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Millefiori Jhumkas and the Giveaway!

Athena Hues turned three on 5 January, and I started planning for some surprises on the Facebook page. Wanted to make something special and this week started with a burning desire to make flower canes. As usual I ended up making a lot more than I intended to. This time, I wanted to use these for a whole new range, the jhumkas. Used the flowers in permutations and combinations to create these beautiful little umbrellas.  The jhumkas are up for a giveaway on my Facebook page. Do check these out!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Cherry blossom and Colors of the year

Cherry Blossom, in the beautiful colors of the year 2016. Pantone color institute has announced Rose Quartz, a very subtle yet warm tone of rose, and Serenity, a cool tranquil blue as colors of this year. Cherry blossom with the sky as the backdrop is what first flashed my mind as I saw these two colors together.The beauty of warmth and tranquility captured in one frame. The flowers were individually hand sculpted in polymer clay and set on a serenity blue base. The pendant was finished with an antique bronze tassel with clay beads. The earrings were made on antique bronze tone cabochons for that perfect vintage look. What do you think of my take on these beautiful colors? Leave a comment if you like what you see here!

Sunday, January 3, 2016

White Beauties

Anyone who handles polymer clay knows the difficulties in working with white clay. As challenging as it can be, the results are always beautiful and worthy of all the hand cleansing that has to be done before and while handling clay. Jewelry in white is always elegant and beautiful. Here's my take on whites!
The daisies were made using Premo white and yellow, and strung with seed beads and glass pearls. I couldn't stop with just the daisies and a bunch of earrings in white followed :)

Four tips to follow while working with white clay:

1.Wash your hands thoroughly before you start working.
2. Keep the pasta machine free of residual colored clay.
3. Use wet wipes to clean your hands as you work, to keep dust away.
4. If you still see some speckles, defects in your work and it turned out beautiful except for that small spot of dust or clay in a different color, then just cover all the white areas with white mica powder and you have a spotless piece of art on your table.

The last point is for beginners :)

Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year 2016!

I started working with polymer clay 9 years ago and got completely absorbed into this wonderful medium. The hobby has now become my full time fun activity. Jewelry making allowed me to try new techniques and designs with just a small quantity of clay and also is very satisfying that someone wears a piece of art created by me. Here I am with a Facebook page with my brand name Athena Hues and also a dedicated website where you can buy my creations from.

New year is always expected to bring good changes for all of us. For me that would be to stay more connected with people who have similar interests. There will be a genuine effort from my side to post my work regularly and also share tips and techniques.

I am happy to share the special piece made for this new year. The focal bead of the necklace and earrings are made out of polymer clay. Ganesha, is the lord of all beginnings and the clear blue sky and sunflowers signify positive energy.

Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year! Happy claying :)

Sunday, January 12, 2014


Hi everyone it has been ages since I blogged. New year resolution is that I will blog at least  once a week. this new year turned out quite interesting with my Facebook page touching a 1000 likes.
Being back in India, I am tempted to try my hand at traditional Indian jewelry. these little inverted umbrellas are called 'Jhumkas' in this part of the globe. Hope you like these too :)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Lady bug love

I have not been able to clay much these days with the packing going on for the impending move. All I did in the past 10 days is this compact mirror for the Polyclay play challenge. Voting ended last night and so now this picture can go public :)

Friday, June 4, 2010

Rainbowy pendants

I am back with some pendants and stuff from the clay sheet and the rainbow zebra cane. I am happy with the outcome though these are not typically the kind of things that I make. But that was the whole idea of picking up a new theme for each fortnight. The rainbow theme is still on cos I have a lot many ideas and want to give them all a try...For now here are the pictures!

This is just a slice from the rainbow zebra cane, cut out using a heart cookie cutter, baked, and coated with a layer of glaze. i love the glass like sheen on the pendant.

This pendant has a portion of the colorful clay sheet pressed into the oval frame, baked, removed from the frame and glued on. Applied a coat of glue on this too!

Another cut out from the clay sheet using the heart cookie cutter, with flowers in all colors of the rainbow.

Finally, the favorite in all glory with a colorful flowerful shell.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sheet of clay

Now thats just a sheet of white clay with slices of flower canes arranged on, waiting to be rolled, cut and transformed to some thing else. What am I going to do with this sheet..Well, there is so much that I can!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My entry for PCC Mica shift challenge

Last month's theme for the Polymer Clay Central monthly challenge was MICA SHIFT and  this one was my entry. Didn't win a prize, but I think this beautiful pendant is a gift by itself. I am happy with the way this pendant turned out though it was not as appealing to the eyes of the voters! Better luck to me next time! You can see the other entries and the challenge results here